I need air OMG :’)

I need air OMG :’)

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OMG I can’t believe it yet…Lea twetted my photo..OMG OMG I can’t share this feeling wih anyone but only with u guys OMG I’m so happy..I need air..aaaaaaah

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I’m gonna miss you too guys!

I send love to all of my dear friends..

Gracie..I still love you so much…and I’m gonna miss you every day of my life..Our frienship was true..And I’m so sad to leave you :’( Love you always <3

Dany..are you here?O.o OMG! I can’t believe it! I hope everything is okay for you in your life..Thanks for all your help and to be here when I needed help! :) I love you <3

Isa, Nath… I’m gonna miss you so much girls..

You’re very special for me..

You will always be in my heart..

To all of my followers: I just want to thank you to always support me and Lea!I love you all <3

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i missed you and i hoped that you will come back soon.. now i'm gonna miss you :(

I’m so sorry for this…

Really..I am! :’(

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Hi guys! I’m finally here! But just because I’m in Milan…

I really think that I need to close/abbandoned Tumblr..

I have a really busy life now and with this bad internet connection it’s too difficult  to be here!

I  keep follow the news thanks to Lea’s facebook pages but here it’s so difficult :’(

I can’t make new photoset/gifset and I feel like I’m new again here..

I’m so sad cause I can’t follow Lea’s life like before..

Please don’t be mad with me..I still love Lea with all of my heart..

But my life and also Cory’s dead…

They’ve give me always a bad feelings with all of this…

I hope you forgive me :’(

With love. Vale

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"I remember sitting with him last year while he was planning what to buy Lea for her birthday. He kept saying, ‘Do you think this would be romantic?’ He said she made him a better person."
- Gia Milani on Cory (Producer for All The Wrong Reasons)
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"Love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone"
- Cory Monteith (via rainb0wswhores)
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